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SCA of Dallas/Ft. Worth owned by Erik Clayton – 2.24 day Q4 2014 cycle time
SCA of Portland Oregon owned by Dave Stout – 2.16 day Q4 2014 cycle time
SCA of Columbia South Carolina owned by Ken Kirk – 2.06 day Q4 2014 cycle time
SCA of San Fernando Valley (includes Burbank, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Woodland Hills, Northridge, Reseda, Ventura & Encino) owned by Elizabeth Muradyan – 2.00 day Q4 2014 cycle time

The SCA Points of Pride

  • Nationwide coverage (SCA Directory - PDF)
  • Initial contact attempted with vehicle owner within 4 business hours
  • 1 in 5 files has a same day inspection
  • Most inspections within 24-72 hours
  • Electronic estimate auditing for labor rates, part usage and repair methods
  • Constant 'customer care' emphasis within organization to ensure policy holders have a professional claims experience

Service Overview

SCA is a claims management firm that has been a leading provider to the insurance industry for over three decades. This has been achieved through our vast experience-gained knowledge of the claims process, a willingness to consistently provide quality products, and an unsurpassed dedication to customer service. To this point, we believe that the vehicle owner's experience is paramount and deserves all possible attention and care. To satisfy this market need SCA has put considerable resources into the area of technology and communication. Through strong technology...


At SCA Appraisal Company, our mission is to meet and exceed expectations of our clients as related to claim assignment handling through consistent teamwork, innovation and customer service.

Integrated Systems

SCA Dashboard is integrated with the Information Providers

Audatex,CCC,Performance Claims,Cyncast Click for Details

Franchise Network

SCA is the largest family owned and operated franchise appraisal company in the nation...

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Vehicle Owners, Insurance Adjusters, Vehicle Appraisers, or Repair Facilities...

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SCA hires Phil Zaikovatyy as Director of Vendor Strategy - November 2014 Read More >>

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SCA is a market leader and national company with headquarters in Burbank, CA. We are always looking for people with exceptional customer service and communication standards. There are three groups we look to bring into our company: Burbank employees, franchise owners, and appraisal firms. Please visit our Resources page to find out more and to provide us your contact information.


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